We build custom guitars. Our guitars are handmade, built to your liking with our knowledge and craftsmanship skills. Each of our guitars is unique, built with a clear intuition and vision. We use the best e-components and are careful in choosing the woods we use. Often we use “Reclaimed Wood” or simply called “Altholz” in German. We find this wood through our network, at specialized dealers or simply through active searching or coincidence.
We use Reclaimed Wood for several reasons:

  1. It would simply be a shame to burn 50-100 year old mahogany wood or a 300 year old spruce board – simply because you no longer have any use for it.
  2. The rainforest already suffers enough today. Even though the trade in tropical woods is heavily regulated today, we still do not have to clear mahogany trees to build guitars, if we have old wood available.
  3. You can discuss the sound of different woods for hours. Nevertheless, it is our experience that Reclaimed Wood has a special sound that pleases us and our customers, and who does not seek a guitar with a beautiful, special sound.
  4. The feeling of holding a guitar, which already has a story (even as a new instrument), is supported by the honey-warm sound. Keeping alive history and writing new history with it prepares joy.

The way we build guitars takes many hours of work. We do not use standard jigs to produce hundreds of guitars. We build guitars for you. We build “your” guitar, which becomes one with you, becomes part of you. All of this comes at a price and this price is largely dependent on your needs. The installation of different pickups, the number of layers of paint, the working hours, as well as the choice of the used woods have a direct influence on the price. The prices shown on this website reflect this price range per guitar. Talk to us. Tell us your wishes and we can make you an offer with options.